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Monday, March 11, 2013

On The Run with Bonnie & Clyde by John Gilmore (Author)

The link below will take you to the amazon page where you can pre-order John Gilmore's On The Run with Bonnie and Clyde

Editorial Reviews


"The most exciting, peeling-away of the human layers of two of the most infamous crime figures in American history . . . For the first time, we are truly taken inside these notorious characters.” - Lawrence Grobel, Biographer

"John Gilmore is one of America's natural-born gifts to literature.” -- Gary Indiana

About the Author

Described by the Sydney Morning Herald as the "quintessential L.A.noir writer,” John Gilmore has been acclaimed internationally for his hard-boiled true crime books, his literary fiction and Hollywood memoirs. As one of today's most controversial American writers, Gilmore's following spans the globe from Hong Kong to his native Hollywood. He has traveled the road to fame in many guises: kid actor, stage and motion picture player, knew James Dean and Marilyn Monroe; was a painter, poet, screenwriter, low-budget director and novelist.

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