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Monday, August 20, 2012

Teddy - This teddy bear is not your average cute and cuddly bear! He's warped and evil.

Warning: Teddy is a sick, twisted little tale about a teddy bear (sort of) that I wrote for an anthology. It didn't quite fit and was rejected (Sniffle, Sniffle, Sob, Sob - Just kidding around. It is what it is, the life of a writer right and rejections are a major part of it) so after spending more hours than I care to admit on this story and having it edited, I'm posting it here for lack of anything better to do with it. I hope you all enjoy it. ;P

by Quinn Cullen
Standing outside of the unusual shop, he was trying to decide whether to enter. The man was not as the average patron that frequented this kind of boutique but as he gazed up and down the street afraid that someone might recognize him, he certainly resembled that sort of sleazy clientele: looking rather disreputable as he pulled the collar of his blazer up around his head. He grasped the brim of his hat and tugged the Indiana Jones style headgear down as far as he could in an attempt to shield his face from passersby. The store's inventory consisted of the kind of movies and books concealed by blank covers and out of the ordinary sexual paraphernalia. However, a life size teddy bear costume displayed in the front window caught his attention. How perfect, he thought, for she loved teddy bears. Perhaps wearing the outfit, I would have the courage. She would never know it was me beneath all that fur. The female he longed for was forbidden fruit, someone he should never be close to the way he was in his fantasies. Just maybe…he hoped as he ventured inside.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stacey Turner's expertise at spinning a tale shines in "Rymfire Erotica: An Erotic Horror Anthology".

I received a notice on Face Book, an invite to check out Stacey Turner's Face Book author page. I am a huge fan of Stacey's writing as well as her editorial skills, so naturally I immediately head over there. When I clicked on her link, Read My Book, it brought me to a list of books available on Amazon that includes stories written by Stacey. At the bottom of this list, a book titled, Rymfire Erotica caught my attention. It includes Stacey's short story, Martin. Not having had the pleasure of reading this story, on Stacey's merits alone, I bought the book, down loaded it to my Kindle for PC and began reading.
I cannot speak of the other stories in Rymfire Erotica, not yet, not until I've read them. I will read them all and review them as well but I was compelled to write this review for Stacey. Erotica and horror are genres that I dabble in; but Stacey's story took me by surprise. If what you are looking for is basic pornography; tactless erotica; then Martin is not a story for you. If however, you enjoy a well crafted, magical, keep you on the edge of your seat suspense story with a touch of romance, do yourself a favor and read Stacey Turner's dynamic short story, Martin. You will not be disappointed.
Stacey does not waste any time, her story sprints out of the starting gate with a grand opening paragraph and maintains the flow and rhythm throughout, even surpassing the expectations of this devoted fan. Please do not assume that I am biased for I am no longer affiliated with Angel Knight Press. This statement is strictly based upon professional respect and the fact that Stacey Turner's short story Martin is without a doubt clever and superbly written.
Sincerely, Quinn