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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Dweller

'The Dweller' is my contribution to this month’s Friday Frights. The theme: Demonic Toys. Previously published under my real name by Angelic Knight Press in the anthology Satan's Toybox: Demonic Dolls, this story is longer than the flash fiction normally posted but when I tried to split it into three parts I just couldn’t decide where each installment should end. So I’m posting the full length story.

The Dweller
by Quinn Cullen

Dan and his best friend Buck, a German Sheppard, were frequent visitors at the local landfill, an awesome scavenger hunt territory. They were treading through heaps of rotting waste, narrowly avoiding stepping on the motionless crows and seagulls strewn about. Under normal circumstances, those obnoxious foragers pillaged the dump for something to eat. Tonight was different. An unnatural stillness had settled in the area as dusk cloaked the small Kentucky town of Flatgap, where Dan lived with his parents, John and Sarah, and younger sister Lexy. Although a hard worker, due to the current recession Dan’s dad had found himself without employment. He was trying to provide for his family through odd jobs offering meager wages while Sarah, a homemaker, was now working at the local hospital scrubbing floors and cleaning restrooms. They were poor, but considered themselves fortunate to have, scanty as it was, any means of income. And if the love they shared as a family had a monetary value, they would be the wealthiest family in the area.