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Saturday, January 19, 2013

“Miami Spy Games: Deeper” New short story by horror author Armand Rosamilia

I’d like to introduce you to Armand Rosamilia. Armand is a New Jersey boy currently living in sunny Florida, where he writes when he's not watching zombie movies, the Boston Red Sox and listening to Heavy Metal music. In addition to the "Miami Spy Games" zombie spy thriller series he has penned the "Keyport Cthulhu" horror series, the "Dying Days" series, consisting of - Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, Dying Days, Dying Days 2, Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days, Dying Days: The Siege of European Village. His impressive lineup of books includes, but is not limited to – Highway To Hell, Highway To Hell-Extreme Zombie Novella, Zombie Tea Party, Skulls and Bones, Death Metal and several more horror novellas and shorts, with many more coming in 2013.

Armand is also an editor for Rymfire Books, helping with several horror anthologies, including "Vermin" and the "State of Horror" series, as well as the creator and energy behind Carnifex Metal Books, putting out the "Metal Queens Monthly" series of non-fiction books about females into Metal. You can find him at and e-mail him to talk about zombies, baseball and Metal:

Soon to be released on Castle’s In The Air - My interview with author extraordinaire, Armand Rosamilia.

It is with extreme pleasure that I share with you all, Armand’s unpublished short story   “Miami Spy Games: Deeper”. I have no doubt you will enjoy it. 

Miami Spy Games: Deeper

Armand Rosamilia

            Jennifer Sanchez made sure her stationery and pens were all in place on the meeting room table, all lined up perfectly. All within easy reach. She sat down in her swivel chair and flipped through the file before her.
            There was a knock at the door.
            "Enter," she said without looking up. She knew by the tap it was Kostas, her tech guy and one of the key members of this Miami ACES team.
            "What's going on, senorita?"
            "Just working." Jennifer looked up as he sat down in a chair near her. "Can I help you?"
            "I'm bored." Kostas picked up a couple of the pens and tapped them on the table. Jennifer had a sudden urge to snatch them from his hands but resisted.
            "Go find something else to do. I'm busy. Where's Martin?"
            Kostas shrugged. "He's working on that thing."
            "What thing?"
            "You know. That thing." Kostas leaned forward. "What are you working on?"
            Jennifer smiled and placed the open folder on the table. "What am I working on? Nothing." She slid it across to him. "Kostas, I'd like you to meet Diana Marston."
            Kostas picked up the file and leafed through it, stopping at her file photo. "Wow, she's damn hot. Is she seeing anyone?"
            Qué idiota, she thought. "She's an undercover right now, part of the ACES team based out of Jacksonville."
            Kostas smiled. "Close enough for us to meet and have a fun weekend, but far enough away I don't have to worry about her getting all clingy with me."
            "I seriously doubt she would fly down to Miami for you." Jennifer grinned. "I doubt she'd walk across the street to see you."

            "She was following up on some pretty nasty Russian activity in and around the airport in Jacksonville when she got in with one of the minor players, Pavel Nusenbaum. He works for Denis Woloshyn."
            "Woloshyn is a ghost. No one has ever seen him."
            "Kim L thinks Diana made a positive identification two weeks ago."
            "Then she disappeared. No one has had any contact with her since."
            "Why did this come across your desk? Surely Jacksonville ACES can take care of this. I'm sure with one of their own missing, they'll be all over it." Kostas smiled. "Besides, I don't like Jacksonville. The city or the football team. I'm a Miami boy."
            "You're not even from here."
            "This is now my home, and the people of Miami took me in with open arms."
            "Good. Then they will be happy to know you won't be going to evil Jacksonville, because a half an hour ago she was spotted at the Miamarina with Nusenbaum, trying to get a sailboat."
            "I like where this is going. Did they get one?"
            "You sail in an hour, captain," Jennifer said. "Better you than me."
            "I suppose it makes no difference I know nothing about actual sailing, right?"
            Jennifer rearranged her pens. "I'll make sure you have experienced crew onboard. You have twenty minutes to Google nautical terms so you'll know what the crew is talking about."
            Kostas grimaced. "More than enough time."

*   *   *   *   *

            When the captain came onboard, Diana Marston knew something was amiss. He was young, in his mid-twenties, and didn't move like he'd been raised on the water. He moved like a city boy trying to blend in. His first mate didn't look natural, either.
            She rubbed her hand against Pavel's arm and smiled at him, getting his attention. "This is such a beautiful day," she said.
            Pavel grinned at her, his perfect teeth gleaming. "And you are a beautiful woman."
            "Are we going to sail to an island? Or just a cruise for the day, honey?"
            Pavel kissed her lightly on the lips. "That's a surprise. Now, go relax and slip into something sexy for me. I could use another martini, too."
            Diana smiled. "Anything for my man."
            She walked past the captain and nodded her head. He couldn't take his eyes off her chest. Jerk. Pavel had two of his men on the sailboat with them, and they looked ridiculous wearing suits and sweating. She went to the bow and slipped off her red sun dress and her yellow shoes that matched the flowers on her dress, and placed them next to her. She knew the two bodyguards would be watching her, so she made sure to make an exaggerated bend and let them get a good look at her shapely legs and her butt, barely covered by the thin black bikini bottom.
            Diana found her sunglasses in her small pocketbook and put them on, smiling and lifting her chin to the Florida sun. She could get used to this.
            "Where is my martini?" Pavel asked.
            Diana smiled, glad her sunglasses didn't betray the anger in her eyes. "Coming right up, honey."
            The sailboat backed out of the marina slip. Darnell turned the bow into the strong breeze and raised the mainsail before turning on course. Diana went down below and found the liquor cabinet. Pavel was lounging on the daybed and talking in Russian into his cell phone.
            She took her sweet time making his martini and listening to his conversation. She had her back to him and made sure she didn't tense up when she heard him tell whoever he was talking to about meeting with Denis Woloshyn in the next hour in international waters.
            This was the break she was waiting for, and the reason she'd gone so deep undercover and cut off all ties with her superiors and contacts. She'd been up Pavel's ass for days. He didn't let her out of his sight, which worked in her favor. She was gathering intel at a fevered pace but keeping it in her head for now. The worst thing she could do was record it or write it down and get caught.
            Pavel was paranoid, and with good reason. He often patted down his bodyguards randomly, looking for wires and transmitters. Rumor had it he once did the same to his mother.
            He put his cell phone into his pocket and took the offered drink from Diana. He was smiling. "Tell the captain I need to see him, will you?"
            "Of course, dear." She went and found the captain, who was standing on deck and looking out to sea. "Captain?"
            "Yes?" he said with a big smile and looked right at her cleavage.
            Diana snapped her fingers. "Up here, Captain Crunch. My boyfriend needs to see you right away."
            "Sure. Where is he?"
            This guy is an idiot. She looked toward the stern. "He's at the bow."
            "Thanks." He started walking to the back of the sailboat.
            "Excuse me, but I said the bow." Diana pointed. "You're going the wrong way."
            He grinned sheepishly. "I knew that."
            "No, you didn't." Diana slid up next to him causally and smiled, aware the two henchmen were watching her every move. "Look, I don't know who you are and I don't care. But I do know you aren't a damn captain. I'm about to toss you overboard and sail myself. Got it?"
            He leaned forward. "I'm Kostas with ACES, and I'm here to rescue you."
            Diana looked over the side of the boat. "I don't need to be rescued, you dolt. I need you to stay out of my way and make like you know what you are doing, because we're about to be handed a big fish to fry in an hour. I need you to keep an eye on the bodyguards." She glanced at him. "Pavel will pat you down, you know."
            "I have four handguns already hidden on board. One is taped under the front sail thing. Let me go talk to your boyfriend."
            "I don't like you."
            "I get that a lot."

*   *   *   *   *

            Kostas and Darnell (who worked in ACES as a mechainic for the vehicles and actually knew how to sail a boat) went about their business, Darnell casually doing most of the work as Kostas struggled to figure out what he was supposed to do. It was easier for Kostas to sit on the dock with a remote control and make the sailboat do maneuvers, fire weapons and use multiple cameras. If such a craft existed. Kostas decided to work on it as soon as he returned.
            "Let me take over, by your command, captain," Darnell said drily. The other ship, a forty-four footer, had been drifting toward them for the last twenty minutes. It was no coincidence.
            "Of course." Kostas looked around. "What should I do?" he whispered.
            "Get up front in the boat and get the free line ready to toss over to them."
            Kostas ignored Pavel and Diana as they came up and stood next to Darnell. The two bodyguards were a few feet from Kostas now, but they both looked ready to pass out in the heat. They stunk like sweat.
            The other sailboat pulled closer and four lines were exchanged. Luckily for Kostas, Darnell and the three sailors on the other vessel knew what they were doing, and the two boats were quickly rafted together. The two floated as stable as if they were one ship.
            Kostas counted five men visible on the other boat.
            "Stay here," Pavel said to Diana and glanced at his two men, who were now standing at attention on the starboard side. He pointed at them and spoke Russian with a grin. Pavel climbed carefully onto the other boat, shaking hands as he moved.
            Kostas noticed Diana casually put her dress back on and sat down, her dress covering the side of the seat where Kostas had also told her was one of the guns. She was good.
            An older man stepped out from the cabin and frowned at Pavel. He wore a busy Hawaiian shirt and khaki pants, with a towel draped over his right shoulder. Kostas could see the bulge under the towel, and knew he was trying to hide a gun. His right hand was also behind his back, another red flag. Denis Woloshyn was an imposing figure, muscular and intense, especially as mad as he looked.
            By the time Kostas registered Denis had reached around and shot Pavel in the face, another half dozen gunshots started ringing out. He fell to his stomach and pulled a 9mm from under a seat.

*   *   *   *   *

            Diana was already pointing the 9mm at Denis when he shot Pavel in the face, but the move adjusted him enough so her shot just missed him.
            Everything was chaos in such close quarters, and she shot both of Pavel's bodyguards from a few feet away before they could even put a hand on their holsters. The other boat's men were drawing weapons when Kostas shot two of them in the chest. He was a good shot, but Diana was better.
            Darnell took a bullet to the neck and fell overboard.
            There were three men and Denis on the other boat, only a few feet away. Diana dropped down and began firing. She smiled when she heard a grunt and someone hitting the water.
            "Untie us, you idiots!" Denis was yelling.
            Kostas, still on his stomach, put up three fingers.
            Diana nodded. "Give up, Woloshyn. You're under arrest."
            She knew it wasn't going to work and wasn't surprised when bullets skipped around the deck all around her. They were outnumbered right now. The odds had been reduced but not well enough, and the element of surprise was gone.
            Damn Pavel, walking right into an assassination, Diana thought. Her goal was to get the info on the other boat since there were too many Russians to contend with. A gunfight from a few feet away wasn't in the plans.
            The Russians began unloading on the sailboat, striking the starboard side. She turned to Kostas. "They unhooked! They are moving away."
            Kostas got up on one knee and fired in rapid succession before dropping back down and miss getting shot at the return fire. "I hit another one, but I don't see Denis. Only two left."
            Diana felt another half dozen bullets strike the side of the boat and something popped loudly below them. They weren't stupid, punching holes below the waterline. She waited until the firing stopped before lifting her head up.
            The other sailboat was already fifty feet away and moving quickly north on the wind. "I don't think so." Diana began taking aim, shooting five holes into the sailboat's hull. Kostas joined her, his shots hitting the mainsail's post and shattering it. Maybe he wasn't such a bad shot after all, she thought.
            "We're sinking," Kostas said matter-of-factly.
            Diana pointed. "So will they."
            "There's even odds now," Kostas said, but before he could say another word Diana was already aiming and shooting, striking the Russian in the forehead as he peeked over the side rail. "Or maybe we take the advantage. Where'd you learn to shoot?"
            "Quantico. You?"
            "Think you can sail this back to shore before we sink?"
            Kostas didn't even move. "Not a chance. I guess we start swimming."
            "Yes." Diana turned and smiled at him. "But first, we swim over to the other sailboat and shoot him in the head."
            Kostas shrugged. "Sounds like a plan. Please, after you."
            Diana laughed. "You know nothing about boating. The bilge pumps will keep us afloat for quite some time. Long enough for us to get back to shore. Or we could panic and dive into the Gulfstream current and die, or get the dinghy and try to make for shore." She pointed. "Denis knows nothing about boats, either."
            Denis Woloshyn was lanching his sailboat's dinghy into the ocean.
            Kostas turned and smiled. "Can you get us back to land?"
            "Of course. Once I take the shot and take the top of this bastard's head off."
            "Not if I get him first."
            Diana fired and Denis, just moving away from the sailboat in the dinghy, pitched over the side and into the ocean. "I'll start the engines."

*   *   *   *   *

If you have any questions about the Miami Spy Games series, I'd love to hear them:

Armand Rosamilia

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