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Monday, August 20, 2012

Teddy - This teddy bear is not your average cute and cuddly bear! He's warped and evil.

Warning: Teddy is a sick, twisted little tale about a teddy bear (sort of) that I wrote for an anthology. It didn't quite fit and was rejected (Sniffle, Sniffle, Sob, Sob - Just kidding around. It is what it is, the life of a writer right and rejections are a major part of it) so after spending more hours than I care to admit on this story and having it edited, I'm posting it here for lack of anything better to do with it. I hope you all enjoy it. ;P

by Quinn Cullen
Standing outside of the unusual shop, he was trying to decide whether to enter. The man was not as the average patron that frequented this kind of boutique but as he gazed up and down the street afraid that someone might recognize him, he certainly resembled that sort of sleazy clientele: looking rather disreputable as he pulled the collar of his blazer up around his head. He grasped the brim of his hat and tugged the Indiana Jones style headgear down as far as he could in an attempt to shield his face from passersby. The store's inventory consisted of the kind of movies and books concealed by blank covers and out of the ordinary sexual paraphernalia. However, a life size teddy bear costume displayed in the front window caught his attention. How perfect, he thought, for she loved teddy bears. Perhaps wearing the outfit, I would have the courage. She would never know it was me beneath all that fur. The female he longed for was forbidden fruit, someone he should never be close to the way he was in his fantasies. Just maybe…he hoped as he ventured inside.
Thirteen months later
Janine stared into the courtyard outside of the classroom window. Rays of afternoon sunshine spilled into the school square where several Stella cherry trees grew. Smiling she imagined their shimmering soft pink-nearly white blossoms resembled the luminous wings of a tiny pixy. Unconsciously tapping the tip of her pen on her desk she was eager to return home for the newest member of her family was due to arrive that very day. She had already decided on a noteworthy location for the newcomer, between her favorite teddies. I can't wait to introduce him to Agatha and Earl. Janine gave each one of her collectible teddy bear's unique names but not until she met them did she know what that title would be. She was half way to the door when the class ended. Her desire to get back to her cuddly teddies prevailing over every thought and feeling she possessed. Always there for her they never failed to put a smile upon her face. All but one, Teddy, he was a mystery to her but she refused to let him lesson her mood on this special day.
Her step was light as she strolled down the familiar streets, narrowing the distance between herself and her new teddy bear. Hmm…I really shouldn't she thought but the aroma of the delectable chocolate was too much and despite her silent objection, she found herself veering off her usual path yet again. Janine walked this way home every day and as always, the temptation proved too overwhelming for her to resist.
"Afternoon Janine," the elderly street vendor Addison addressed her. Crow's feet framed her gentle face and wearing a hand knitted sweater, scarf, and matching hat and mitten set, Addison looked adorable as she poured Janine a large cup of hot chocolate and topped it with a mountain of whipped cream. "How are you today dear?" she asked, handing Janine the drink.
"I'm fine thank you." Janine took a huge swill of the hot chocolate. "But I don't have any cash to pay for this," she said, licking the cream off her upper lip.
"Don't worry dear. Your father will pay me, he always does." Addison smiled. "How are your studies going dear?"
Janine grimaced.” Pretty good I think. College has been a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'm glad I only have one more year after this."
"I'm sure you're doing fine. You're a smart girl." Addison lovingly reassured her.
The high-pitched screech resounded off the tall buildings lining the city street and Janine spun on her heals just as Sarah reached around her, knocking the hot chocolate out of her hand.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." Sarah exclaimed.
"Now you've done it." Carl uttered.
"That’s so typical Sarah." John complained.
"No worries dears. I'll pour you all a cup," Addison said as she lined up four cups, filled them to the brim, and topped them with mounds of sweet whipped cream. Completing her masterpieces, she added a cherry on top of each soft white peek and the foursome eagerly accepted her kind offering.
"We're going to the Mall. Wanna come?" Sarah managed to ask between gulps of hot chocolate. Sarah was excited. Due to her heavy workload at school, it wasn't often that she got the chance to go to the Mall with her friends.
"I don't know…my new teddy bear is supposed to arrive today."
"Will you knock it off already, teddy this, teddy that! What's with you and these teddy bears anyway?" Carl sputtered.
Sarah frowned. "You spend way too much time with your teddy bears. I'm worried about you. Your obsession is unnatural. Why don't you come and have some fun."
"Yeah come!" Carl and John echoed.
Janine thought for a moment. She had been spending all her spare time with her teddy bears, one in particular. "Oh, all right," she conceded. "But just for a little while."
As she entered the massive building and glanced around at the array of shops starting on the bottom level and spiraling upward, she was glad she came. She hadn't gone shopping in a very long time and her father's credit card was burning a hole in her pocket.
The Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, Ae'ropostale, Macy's and J.C. Penny, Janine had to shop in them all. Her arms weighted down with heavy bags full of merchandise, she darted into Victoria's Secret.
"Don't go in there," Sarah whispered behind her. "They sell wicked things."
"Not wicked, sexy. You need to loosen up you ninny." Janine laughed.
Sarah turned her nose up.” Well I'm not going in there," she spat.
"Fine, I'll go by myself. You're a prude." Janine teased.
"You're on your own." Carl and John agreed and leaned against the railing. "We'll wait with Sarah."
Wide eyed, Janine gawked at the assortment of enticing displays. Time passed quickly and a half hour later Carl bravely ventured into the shop, zigzagging between the racks of seductive clothing, bras, and panties in search of Janine. He found her finalizing a transaction at the cash register.
"What did you buy?" he asked, and reached for the bag clutched in her hand."
"None of your business," she said gripping her purchase tighter.
"Come on, let's get out of here." He tugged her out of the store just in time as the eye candy was arousing the young man. Once outside, Carl sat down on a bench and crossed his legs in an attempt to hide the painful bulge straining beneath his jeans.
"Where to now?" Sarah asked annoyed.
"I'm hungry." John whined. "Anyone got money for food?"
"Yeah, I'm starved." Carl stuttered, still suffering in silence with his hidden woody.
"We can put it on my dad's credit card." Janine chirped.
As they headed for the food court, Carl told them he'd catch up in a few minutes. Annoyed the girls stomped away but John having seen the erotic clothing giggled. "It'll pass," he laughed. Carl blushed and slapped John on the top of his head.
"Hey, knock it off!"
Carl smiled. "You deserved it."
When Carl arrived, overwhelmed by the multitude of cuisine offered at the food court the others were still trying to decide what to eat. The foursome finally agreed on The Wok. They'd heard the Chinese food there was delicious.
"We should head home when we're done." Sarah suggested.
Shoveling mouthfuls of rice and chicken, the boys nodded. Janine agreed as well.
The city buses ran often and the friends were on their way home after a short wait at the bus stop. By the time they returned, Addison had closed her kiosk and left for the night. The kids dispersed, heading in four different directions. Janine nearly ran the entire way home.
The package she expected sat on a small table in the corner of the foyer. She dropped all of the shopping bags on the foyer floor but not before tucking something lacy and red under her shirt. I'll come back for the rest later, she thought. She grabbed the package and darted up the stairs.
Her mother was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and heard the commotion. "There's a plate in the oven for you," she called out.
Janine stopped. "Thanks ma but I ate at the Mall."
"But I went out of my way to save it for you," she yelled at Janine.
"Yeah, sorry but I've got a lot of homework to do. Give it to dad. I'll see you later." Janine shouted and dashed up the stairs.
Her mother mumbled incoherently and continued washing the dishes.
Janine's room was on the third floor of the roomy brownstone and she ran up the stairs, taking two steps at a time.
Her room was dark for the sun had set and she fumbled for the light on the bedside table, frowning when under the gleam of the soft white light she saw Teddy sitting on her bed. No, not tonight, she thought. She was not in the mood for him but now that he was there, there was no way out of it.
Teddy reached out, took the package away from her, and threw it on the floor. He then placed her hand on his crotch and the instant he felt her delicate fingers press against him he grew hard beneath her touch. Aroused, he unzipped the trouser-like bottom of the teddy bear costume he wore and the lower half of the furry outfit fell to the floor.
Reluctantly, Janine stared at him. Every time they were together, Janine hoped he would shed the head of the teddy bear costume when he made love to her but it never happened that way. She also wished he'd take his time, be tender but once again, that never came to pass either. Their interludes were always fast and rough. Maybe this time…she thought wistfully.
"Why don't you remove that big bear head so I can kiss you this time?" She asked, timidly.
They were strictly forbidden to speak during their escapades and Teddy shook his head angrily. He removed her clothing, when the red lace lingerie she'd hidden fell to the floor he grunted irritably, kicked it under the bed, and forcefully threw her down on top of the mattress.
"Please, not so rough this time." she begged. She had broken the rules a second time and regretted speaking aloud the moment she'd utter the words. The next thing Janine knew she was licking blood off her upper lip. Frightened for he'd never struck her before, she whimpered. He backhanded her again, harder this time. She tried to crawl out of his reach but he grabbed her hips. He latched onto her hair, pushed her face down against the mattress, and held it there while he rode her violently; grunting, groaning, and not stopping until he was totally spent.
When he was done with her, Janine pretended to fall asleep. He had hurt her bad this time and blood seeped from her sex, staining the sheet beneath her. She wondered why he treated her with such callousness when all she wanted was for him to love her.
Downstairs, Janine's mother paced anxiously. "This has to stop," she muttered. "Somehow I must put an end to this. She's only twenty years old and she's a whore seducing him like that. She'll pay for this." She poured herself another drink and withdrew to her bedroom as she always did while Teddy and Janine spent time together.
The next morning Teddy sneaked out before anyone else was awake. As he left the room, he glanced over his shoulder at Janine. He regretted the violent manner he took her in but he could never make tender love to her. No matter what, his guilt and frustration over what he was compelled to do would not allow it and despite the fact that he knew what he was doing was wrong, so very wrong, he would return and he would beyond any doubt fuck her again. He had to, Janine was his drug of choice, and he was addicted. Nothing else mattered to him. A warped tiny smile tipped the corners of his mouth as he shut the door behind him.
The following afternoon while walking home from school together, Ted could not stop staring at Janine.
"What?" Janine snapped.
"Well, are you going to tell me what happened to your face?"
She shot him an angry look. "Like you don't know!"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Stop it!" Janine yelled. "You know you hurt me yesterday. You're always too rough when we have sex. Just admit it!" She shouted.
"Sex? What the fuck is wrong with you? What sex?"
Janine reached into her school bag and pulled out the letter Teddy had given her just over a year ago when he started secretly visiting her. "Don't even try to deny it, I have proof." She said and handed Ted the crinkled up piece of paper.
As he read the letter, an expression of confusion and dread appeared on his face. It read.
Janine, leave a key in the flowerpot by the front door. I will sneak in to see you. I found the most awesome teddy bear costume. I know it's kinky but I know how much you love teddy bear's. I thought if I dressed up as one it would be kind of fun to have sex that way. If you want it as much as I do keep it a secret. Never talk to me when I’m with you. No talking, either one of us, it's more exciting that way.
The letter was signed Ted.
"Janine, I didn't write this letter. Where did you get it?"
"Stop it Ted, you're not funny!"
"I'm not trying to be. Seriously, Janine, I did not write this."
Sobbing hysterically Janine slumped to the asphalt."Oh my God! Who have I been sleeping with then?"
Ted sat next to her and put his arm around her. "Please don't cry. I will help you. Together we'll find out who this creep is and take care of him."
"You'll do that for me even though you know what I've done?" She asked, gasping between sobs.
"Of course I will. We're best friends aren't we?"
Janine rested her head against his shoulder and continued to cry.
"Yeah, let it all out. It will be all right. I promise," he comforted her. "When you're ready I need you to tell me when he'll be back and I'll be waiting for the pervert. He's going to pay for this, that's for sure. No one has the right to hurt you."
When Ted brought Janine home the house was empty and they sat in the kitchen talking and sipping Pepsi for hours, until they heard the front door open. They tip toed up the stairway leading from the kitchen unnoticed. As he tucked her into bed, he sat next to her, stroking her hair.
"I'll stay until you fall asleep," he reassured her.
Janine smiled up at him. "Thanks. I can't believe you're here and that you don't hate me," she whispered.
Ted leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "Like I said, I would do anything for you, always remember that."
Before either of them knew what happened their lips met. The kiss was soft at first but almost immediately turned passionate. Ted pulled away. "I'm so sorry. It won't happen again."
Gazing up at him Janine smiled. "It's okay Ted, this is what I've always wanted." She ran her fingers through his hair and tugged him toward her, her lips once again finding his.
This time the kiss lingered as their hands roamed, exploring one another. Ted was gentle but Janine was still nervous. When their lips parted Ted nervously gazed at her but when he saw the passion burning within her eyes he slowly removed her clothing. He stopped then and merely stared at her. Ted had dreamed about this ever since they met and now at last he had Janine lying naked before him. All other thoughts vanished. This was their moment.
"What's wrong?"
"Not a thing. It's just that you are so beautiful."
Janine blushed. She pulled his sweatshirt over his head before unzipping his jeans and pushing them down to his ankles. Her eyes raked over him, head to toe and she inhaled deeply staring at his perfect body. When her gaze returned to his arousal, she giggled. "You're beautiful too."
Ted kicked his jeans off and lay down beside her. He pressed his body hard against hers, his erection hot and throbbing landing between them.
"You feel nice," Janine whispered in his ear.
Ted cleared his throat. "I just hope I do this right."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm sure most guys my age have had sex but I've never done this before," he admitted.
Janine pulled away from him. "And I'm used baggage," she whimpered.
Ted took her into his arms. "I'm sorry that creep did this to you but don't ever think about yourself that way. What happened wasn't your fault. He took advantage of you. It's his fault." Ted understood that Janine was not ready for this to happen. Although he spent the night, they did not make love. He just held her in his arms as she slept.
When Janine awoke, Ted was sitting at the foot of the bed watching her.
"You're still here," she exclaimed.
"Of course I am. I wanted to make sure you were going to be all right and that the creep didn't show up unexpectedly."
Janine looked sad. "He's very punctual. He’s not due to come back for another couple of nights. "
"That's perfect. That gives me plenty of time to get ready for that low life's next visit. Give me your house key and don't worry about a thing. Don't come home from school the rest of the week. Go over Sarah's house or something, just until this is over, okay?"
"Okay. But what are you gonna do?"
"Don't worry about it. I'll make that guy go away. I'll be ready for him when he shows up." Ted assured her, kissed her softly, and hurried out the door.
Schlepping a large teddy bear behind him, Addison spotted the man as he rounded the corner. He bought a cup of hot chocolate everyday and as he approached her, she held the cup out but he did not notice her. She called out to him but he did not respond. That's odd, I hope everything's alright, she thought and threw the steaming drink in the trashcan.
Before reaching Janine's room, the perverted man went to his secret hiding place to retrieve the teddy bear costume. He was surprised to see it was gone but assumed Janine must have found it and taken it for safekeeping. He was confident he'd find it in her bedroom. He stood for a moment outside of her bedroom door with a smug look on his face. He looked at the teddy bear in his hand. She'll get a kick out of this, he thought. Already aroused, he rubbed his engorged cock beneath his trousers as he glanced at his watch. She'll be here soon. I'd better hurry. He opened the door; stepped inside and taken aback he dropped the teddy bear on the floor. "WHAT THE FUCK!" He bellowed as the life size teddy bear sitting on Janine's bed stood.
Ted had searched the entire brownstone for the filthy teddy bear costume. He thought it might be hidden somewhere in the house because it would be too large to be carried down the street without drawing unwanted attention. Surprised it wasn't hidden in a more obscure location he found it hanging in one of the spare bedroom closets.
"YOU! HOW COULD YOU!" Ted yelled; his voice muffled beneath the confining teddy bear head.
The man tore the bear head off Ted. "Who the hell are you?"
"You should know, you've been pretending to me for over a year now," Ted spat.
"Ted? How did you find out?"
"Wouldn't you love to know, you bastard. Your game is over. You'll never touch her again unless you want to go to jail you useless piece of shit."
The man took a step toward Ted. "You're threatening me, you little punk!"
"No, just telling it like it is. And if you don't disappear I'm going to the cops."
"Think you're a tough guy do ya?"
The man lunged at Ted and a scuffle ensued.
On the day of her scheduled rendezvous with the stranger, Janine decided to go home instead of going to Sarah’s house. She was worried about Ted. They had no idea what the stranger would be capable of and as school let out her feet could not carry her swift enough.
She entered her bedroom and nearly tripped over the large stuffed teddy bear. Ted was sitting on her bed; tracks of tears running down his cheeks and he had a blank stare in his eyes. The teddy bear head lay on the floor at his feet and the costume was damp and stained red. There was blood everywhere; splattered on the walls and the floor was saturated. Then she saw him. With a huge gash in his throat still oozing blood, he was lying in the broken glass strewn on the floor beneath her bedroom window. His skin was ashen and his eyes were empty. Her father was dead. She started to cry.
"Ted, what did you do?"
"I didn't mean to hurt him. He attacked me. I tried to push him away because he was hurting me and he slammed into the window. The glass broke when he fell against it and he cut his throat. I tried to stop the bleeding but it just kept coming."
Hysterical, Janine could barely utter the words. "The man…he didn't…show up?"
"Umm…I don't know how to tell you this Janine but …"
Ted explained to Janine. The truth hit her hard and she leaned against the wall for support. "It was my dad?"
They heard footsteps coming up the stairs.
Janine wiped away her tears. "Stay here, I will send mom away."
She intercepted her mother as she opened her bedroom door. She pushed passed her daughter. "I know he's in there! I know what the two of you have been up to you little hussy. He's mine! You could get any boy you wanted why did you have to have him?" She yelled and slapped Janine across the face.
Shocked, Janine just stared at her mother.
"Are you insane?" Ted shouted. "You blame her for what he did? He's the bad guy here not Janine. He tricked her."
"So you say." She lunged toward Janine, her fingers closing around her throat. "I'll kill you, you little bitch."
Ted stepped between them and cornered her mother. "Run as fast as you can and get help. Just tell them something bad has happened, that's all, nothing else. Something bad, got it?”
Janine was upset and scared. "You knew what daddy was doing and you didn't help me? Why?"
"Yes, I knew that you were fucking him and I planned on getting rid of you. One day you would just be gone and I'd tell him you ran off with a boy.” The hatred in her voice was unmistakable. “Then he would be all mine again.” She spewed.
"How could you believe I seduced him? I would never do something like that?" Janine shouted over her shoulder as she ran out of the room.
Janine's mother tried to leave but Ted blocked her. "And where do you think you're going?" he asked.
"Let me out of here," she demanded.
Ted did not move. "I don't think I can do that." He grasped her arm, hard.
Realizing her decision to come up stairs to her daughter's bedroom was not one of her wisest, Janine's mother struggled trying to free herself, but Ted was stronger than the drunken woman was and tightened his hold on her. Frightened she stared into his face only it was the gaze of what resembled an evil spirit that met hers, someone possessed, not the young man she'd met so many times before. "What are you going to do with me?" She finally stuttered.
Ted was not himself. The gruesome events he'd been subjected to transformed him, created a monster. Without saying a word, he dragged her behind him toward the broken window and when he picked up a large shard of broken glass, she shrieked. "No! Ted stop! You don't want to do this. I'll tell the police it wasn't your fault. I'll tell them everything."
"I don't think so. When your daughter needed you most, you turned your back on her. You don't deserve to live any more than that low life husband of yours," he said, glancing at the dead monster of a man. Ted drew the poor example of a mother tight against his body. He said a silent prayer for forgiveness as he gripped her wrist and placed the jagged edge of glass on her skin, above the main artery.
"No, no, no!" Struggling she pleaded desperately for her life.
Ignoring her plea, Ted applied firm pressure and cutting deep, he ran the blade across her wrist, her blood spraying him in the face. "Fuck this," he shouted frenzied, and quickly grabbed her other arm and nearly cut her hand off.
What the…he placed his hand on his cock. It was rock hard. He leaned into Janine's mother who was fading quickly and used her near lifeless body to massage his engorged member. It didn't take long before a semen stain blotted the crotch area of his jeans. Ahh…now that felt good, he thought to himself. She had not breathed her last breath yet so he smiled at Janine's mother and thanked her.
Ted had changed out of the teddy bear costume and put it back where he'd found it by the time Janine returned with the police. He was sitting on the bottom step in the foyer rehashing what had taken place. He shivered and hung his head low. How could he have done what he did? He didn't recognize who he had become. Then his alter ego emerged... No matter, couldn't change it now any way, he thought, and grinned like a Cheshire cat.
Janine started up the stairs on the shirttails of the police officer but Ted snatched her by the arm. "You'd better wait down here. It's not a pretty sight."
"But I've…"
His grip on her arm tightened. "No, like I said, you'd better wait here." He scolded in a stern voice.
Stumbling down the stairs, the police officer ran outside. Once he regained his composure and after wiping the vomit spittle off his mouth, he used his two-way radio and called for backup. "It's gruesome, both are dead. There's blood everywhere. Send another squad car and the coroner as well, over and out." His hands shook as he holstered his two-way and returned inside and faced the kids.” Who wants to go first?"
"I will," Ted volunteered.
The officer removed his note pad from his belt and began to write as Ted explained.
"Janine and I showed up after school to work on a science project and when we went up to her room we found them like that. That's all we know. I think Janine is in shock."
"Understandable. Seeing both your parents' dead can't be easy."
Disoriented, Janine questioned the officer. "What did you say?"
"Finding both your mother and father dead can't be easy. I’m so sorry young lady."
"But…" She tried to protest.
"It's going to be okay. Just let the cops do their job. Then I'm bringing you back to my house." Ted insisted.
"Good idea," the officer responded.
Three hours later sitting on the front porch, Janine watched as they removed not one but two bodies from the house.
Her eyes caught Teds. "But…"
As Janine was about to question Ted he hushed her. "I'll explain later."
Ted called his parents. They had not yet returned from a dinner date with friends but he left a brief message asking them to come and get him at Janine's on their way home. There they sat, Janine and Ted, both of them silently pondering the horror that had transpired that evening. Minutes had turned into hours when a gentle voice drew them out of their thoughts.
"Hello dears, it's awful late for a date," Addison jested. When the teenagers didn't say a word and simply stared blankly at one another, she became concerned. "What's going on? Is something wrong?"
Addison sat down and Janine burst into tears. She hugged the youngster close to her bosom and whispered softly. "There there dear. I'm sure it's not as bad as that."
"Worse!" Janine cried.
"Oh my, tell me all about it. Perhaps I can help." Addison said, seriously.
Ted spoke up afraid Janine would say too much and told Addison the story he'd concocted. She still had no idea what happened to her mother, Ted had refused to talk about it, and Janine merely shook her head in dismay as he spun his tale.
"I have no parents and nowhere to live!" Janine sobbed.
"I'm sorry dear child."
"I'm going to spend tonight at Ted's house. After that I don't know what I'm going to do."
"I know you don't believe it right now but it will all work out."
"I don't see how."
Just then, Ted sprang to his feet. "I have it," he shouted excitedly. "You're homeless, right Addison?"
"Don't be rude Ted. Addison's my friend."
"No, hear me out. I'm not being rude just stating fact. What if Addison moved in with you, I bet then between the money you get from the State, your part time job and what Addison makes you can pay the mortgage each month. You won't lose your home and Addison will have a nice place to live. And you guys really like each other anyway. "
Janine looked at Addison. "What do you think? That might just work. Don't you agree?"
Addison smiled that warm friendly smile of hers. "Yes, I think it could work. It's worth a try."
Janine was upset and sad but happy about the solution to her living problems but she still wanted to know what happened to her mother. She held the front door open. "Welcome home Addison," she announced. "Take a look around your new home and pick a bedroom. There are five bedrooms to choose from but not the one on the top floor, that one's mine. Janine grabbed Ted's arm, tugging him up the stairs. "We need to talk."
"Okay, okay! I'm coming." Ted whined.
Heading for her bedroom Janine changed her mind as she reached the entryway cordoned off by yellow warning tape. The door was closed and she decided she didn't ever want to go into that room again. "Let's talk in one of the guest rooms."
It was perhaps the fact that his adrenaline was still pumping madly and as soon as the door closed behind them, Ted took Janine in his arms and kissed her hard.
"No Ted, stop! We need to talk."
Ted froze. Janine pushed away from him terrified by the look on his face. It was not that of a young man in love or in the heat of passion. He appeared angry and it scared her. And she should be...All that he'd been through had changed him, possibly forced his psyche to bring forth an alter ego that would not fall to pieces under pressure. 
"What?" he snapped.
"Don't be mad. I just want to talk to you about what happened to my mother."
His body became rigid as he approached her. "What's there to talk about? She got what she deserved. Don't you agree?"
Mortified by his callus behavior, Janine slowly maneuvered toward the door.
"You're not leaving already, are you?" he asked and stepped into her path.
"I've changed my mind. I think it's best we don't talk about this right now. It's been a long day and we're both exhausted."
Ted grabbed her arm, forcing her to follow him. He sat on the twin bed in the guest room and pulled her down next to him. "I did it for you, you know. Oddly, it felt great to cut into her flesh. I even got a hard on and came as she bled to death."
"Ted, that's not you talking! You would never act like this. What's going on with you?"
Ted reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out the bloody shard of glass he used to kill her mother.
"What's that? What are you going to do Ted?"
Rubbing his chin, he ogled Janine. "Don't move," he said. He got up, went to the closet, and removed the teddy bear costume. "Have another earth shattering orgasm if this works the way I think it will."
Addison came running as Janine's screams echoed throughout the brownstone. She flung the door open and came face to face with Ted standing over Janine dressed as a teddy bear. The bloody piece of glass in one hand and his cock in the other hand, ejaculating all over Janine's limp body. Addison turned and slammed the door shut. She made it down stairs and used the phone in the foyer to call the police.
The police officer cuffed Ted's hands behind his back and led him to the squad car parked in front of the brownstone. He trembled as he placed his hand on top of Ted's head and guided him to duck as he entered the vehicle. The cop glanced into the foyer before getting into the car. The coroner was zipping up the body bag containing Addison's mutilated body. She had been severely beaten and raped before Ted inflicted her fatal injuries. Now a quadruple homicide scene the cop had a baffled expression on his face.” You've got problems kid, big problems."
The coroner rolled the stretcher out of the house. "We're done here. So sad," he said as he locked the front door. "But at least the murderer is in custody and will pay for his crimes." He placed Addison's body bag next Janine's in the ambulance.
Institutionalized, his parents visit him regularly but Ted merely sits and rocks back and forth clutching a large stuffed teddy bear.

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  1. I loved this story the first time I read it. I still do. There is a home for it. :D