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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dina Rae's Halo of the Damned is phenomenal!

Halo of the Damned by Dina Rae is exemplary writing. With well-defined characters, a plot that is gripping, fast paced and infectious it leaves the reader with no option other than to forge ahead within this tale of a world infiltrated by God's banished; the fallen angels and the demonic minions they've created, human worshipers and Satan. At the center of it all, are three courageous women: Joanna, Kim and Kim's daughter Maria.
After the death of their mother Lydia Easterhouse, Joanna and Kim discover that their mother led a secret life. The Easterhouse offspring are strong, brave, able and willing to do whatever it takes when faced with having to deal with the cunning and evil Andel Talistokov, also known as Armaros. Andel's assistant Marcus is to Andel what Renfield was to Dracula, only a bit more humorous and pathetic. It's hard not to pity him. The pint-sized spitfire Maria will steal your heart. I must mention the handsome charismatic Tony and but in fear of revealing too much about this dynamic man I'll leave it at that, just a mention.
I highly recommend reading Halo of the Damned and if I could impose on the author, I would love to see her expand this story into a series of books. Take a bow Dina Rae for a job well done.


  1. Very high praise, coming from an Angel author of your stature, Quinn! You are indeed correct about this great novel. It is superbly written and tells a grand story of the Dark side of what is the majesty of Angels.Dina came up with a very interesting take-a modern day twist-to an ages old tale.

    Great review! I also feel Dina needs to write more about these fascinating entities.


  2. Why thank you Blaze for the generous compliment. I was literally blown away by Dina's story. Could not put it down.

  3. Found you on Twitter! TY, TY, TY! This is a wonderful review and again, TY! You too, Blaze!

  4. I'm glad you found me Dina. You're very welcome for the review but you totally earned it and some! I can't wait to read the next Halo of the Damned book!