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Monday, June 29, 2015

Something a little out of the ordinary from me!

I don’t usually speak out about religion or politics but I’ve read many statements since the ruling by The Supreme Court that have surprised, and quite honestly, disappointed me.
The Supreme Court ruling grants the liberty of marriage to ALL human beings. I was appalled to read about the resistance in many States. It has been ordered and should be without hesitation honored, should it not? It is the law. 
Another surprise to me is how many people use their belief in God to justify their homophobia (and racism). It baffles me that “believers” think that God could be so inhumane that he would shun one of his own creations simply because of their love for another. If God was that ruthless, would he not be more likely to abandon child molesters and murders rather than human beings just because of whom they love? No one human being is greater than another. Straight or gay, we are all equal. The time has come (and it’s way overdue) to stop judging one another simply because of our sexual preference or the color of our skin? This is my belief.